Friday, August 1, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : We have got Another short ceasefire

And the cease fire between Israel and Palestinian resistance lived shortly just like the previous ceasefire. The negotiations in Cairo are cancelled. Israel told Egypt that one of its soldiers were kidnapped in Gaza earlier this morning and Egypt told the Palestinian delegation not to come.
Hamas’ Moussa Abu Marzouk who is currently in Cairo told news agencies that actually the kidnapping of the IDF soldier took place before the cease fire and that Israel was the one actually breached the cease fire and started to shell South Gaza aka Palestinian Rafah madly.
Now it is afternoon in Egypt and according to preliminary estimations not less than 90 Palestinian have been killed in Palestinian Rafah so far. In the few hours of cease fire media and TV reporters began to check places like Khuza to find war crimes in front of their eyes.
We are waiting also the speech of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia on Saudi TV. According to the official statement the Saudi King will address both the nation and the international community. It is worth to mention that Western media is accusing Saudi Arabia of standing with Israel in this attack against Hamas as part of its regional war against the Muslim Brotherhood.


  1. The kidnapping occurred during the cease fire. Hamas is lying on this, as in many other issues.

  2. Z, for you every dead Pali is evidence of a massacre and a war crime. Never collateral damage. Never a terrible accident.

    1. A majority of what Z has brought up are war crimes, in fact, many of them quite grotesque ones.

      It is very common that so-called "collateral damage" is an avoidable war crime. The premises for choosing a response that will lead to what is for all intents and purposes a true massacre cannot just assumed to be good or the only choice. How many wars in recent times have been based on lies, half-truths, secret twisting of the truth, and ulterior motives?

      The rationales for conducting this war in a way that has lead to more than 1,000 deaths and incredible humanitarian destruction are truly incoherent arguments. There were alternate possible responses and approaches that would have inflicted less damage (especially long term) on both Israel and Palestine.

  3. His ass was captured in a tunnel, imbecile.

  4. UN condemns Israel's latest war crime: Not sharing Iron Dome with Hamas. HAHAHAHAAAAA

  5. Zeinobia, had the soldier been kidnapped before the ceasefire, Israel would never have agreed to a ceasefire.

    1. Perhaps had the Israelis known he would be captured before a ceasefire they would not have agreed.

      It is most likely the soldier was captured shortly before the ceasefire, and when the Israeli command found out, they violated the ceasefire.

      Why would an Israeli soldier be in a Hamas tunnel during a ceasefire? That does not make sense since being in the tunnel is an offensive operation.

    2. Hamas will never accept any cease fire with the infidels. Hamas holy goal is to destroy the Zionist entity and deport or kill its population.


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